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Wall Lamp Makes the Wall More Beautiful

Sep 22-2021

Ⅰ. Wall lampCompared with table lamps and floor lamps, wall lamps are not important lamps, but they are very important for walls. Its appearance gives the monotonous wall its unique vitality, and als...

How to Match the Lamps?

Sep 15-2021

Ⅰ. The selection of lampsIn fact, most owners are not professionals in decoration, and they are not very familiar with the selection of high-quality lamps. The varieties and styles of lamps on the ma...

Tips for Purchasing Bedroom Lamps

Sep 08-2021

Ⅰ. Bedroom lampsLamps are indispensable for each of our families. We should know its importance when we are choosing one. The bedroom is one of the important areas in our home. What should we pay att...

Tips for Choosing the Shape and Type of Bedroom Lamps

Sep 01-2021

1. The height of the bedroom determines the type of bedroom lightningIf the bedroom is not very high, it is recommended to choose a ceiling lamp, otherwise the height of the bedroom will seem to be pa...

What Are the Types of Lights?

Aug 23-2021

I. Different types of lamps have different effectsLighting is the most attractive flirt in the living room. Lamps of different shapes, colors, materials and sizes can create different light and shadow...

The Correct Use Way of Desk Desk Lamp

Aug 16-2021

I. The brightness of the table lamps should be appropriateIf the brightness of the table lamp is too low, the light on the book will be dim, and it will be difficult to see the writing. This will caus...

The Effect of Four Kinds of Lamps in the Bedroom

Aug 09-2021

Ⅰ. Sconce lampThe sconce lamp is the best way to create a bedroom atmosphere. It is a kind of lamp hanging on the wall, which can directly contrast the indoor atmosphere and create a warm and heart-w...

Round Chandeliers and Square Chandeliers, Which One is Better to Install in the Bedroom?

Aug 02-2021

I. Types of chandelier lightsLamps are essential for home decoration. In addition to providing lighting for the space, they also play a decorative role. Different styles of lamps have different decora...

How to Choose a Good Wall Sconce Lamp

Jul 22-2021

Wall sconce lamps generally have the following advantages: novel design, elegance and uniqueness, soft lighting, being practical and easy to install as well as beautiful for decoration. So how to choo...

Introduction of the Advantages of Wall Lights and Installation Height

Jul 15-2021

I. Wall lights are a local lighting toolFor home lighting, we can choose from a wide range of lamps and lanterns, which also have various styles. You may be dazzled by all kinds of lamps when you ente...

How to Install the Room Pendant Lights? What is the Size of the Pendant Lights?

Jul 08-2021

I. How to install room pendant lights1. Get the suspension plate from the top plate of the suction cup and select a suitable position. If the positions of the screws are not aligned, pay attention to...

How to Maxmize the Restaurant Lighting Effect?

Jul 01-2021

How to maxmize the restaurant lighting effect?? In fact, choosing a restaurant shares a lot similarity with the social intercourse of the people . Before you know whether the food is delicious or not,...

How to Choose the Table Lamp That Suits You Best?

Jun 23-2021

I. The use of table lampTable lamp is a small electrical appliance commonly used in home life. Although it is a small one, it has a great effect. Some stylish table lamps can also play a very good dec...

How to Choose a Suitable Lamp for Your Kids?

Jun 16-2021

I. How to choose a children's table lampFirstly, the children's desk lamps must have a stable light source, soft light, high color rendering, and sufficient illuminance to be suitable for chil...

What Type of Chandelier Lights Looks Better?

Jun 09-2021

I. Choose the chandelier light based on the purposeWe must firstly consider in what areas the lamps are applied to when we are buying one. Different usage require different types of chandelier lights....

Notes for Bedroom Lighting Design

Jun 02-2021

I. The importance of bedroom lighting designI believe that the most relaxing place for us must be the bedroom. The bedroom is not only a place for us to sleep and rest, but also it is the main leisure...

Is the Use of a Study Lamp Harmful to Eyes?

May 15-2021

Normally, the study lamp is not harmful to the eyes, but it is harmful to the eyes when you read under too strong or dim light. Therefore, the study lamp should be placed on the left front of the desk...

What About the Glass Pendant Light?

May 15-2021

The glass ball pendant light is a decorative high-end lighting lamp made of glass. Generally, it is supported vertically by wires or iron chains, which has a good visual effect. The glass chandelier i...

What Kind of Lamp is Best for the Kitchen?

May 15-2021

The kitchen is a place to replenish energy for a day, so the choice of lighting for a kitchen ceiling is also very important.1. Kitchen lighting needs to be divided into two levels:One is the lighting...

Fancy Lights Warm Your Room

May 15-2021

When you come home late at night, open the door with fatigue, and see darkness, will you feel sad? But if there is a lamp waiting, it will warm your heart much! Let's walk into the fancy lamps wor...

Bedroom Lighting Adjusts the Vibe and Beautifies the Room

May 15-2021

The overall atmosphere of the bedroom lighting emphasizes warmth. Compared with the main lamp in the room for daily living needs, the bedside lamp also serves the local lighting needs of the owner'...


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