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What Are the Table Lamps Suitable for Students?

When choosing a student table lamp, you should choose an eye protection reading lamp that protects your eyesight to a certain extent. The quality of the so-called eye protection table lamps on the market is uneven. If you want to choose eye protection reading learning table lamp, you need to refer to the following parameters, and then choose a brand with better parameters.

1. Color rendering index of a table lamp

Choose a table lamp with a higher color rendering index. The color rendering index of natural light is 100; the closer the color rendering index is, the better the effect is, which means that it is closer to natural light. On the market, professional high-end table lamps' color rendering index can reach 97, followed by 95, and color rendering index of 90 and 95 is still more common. The color rendering index of most ordinary desk lamps is 90 and below.

2. Whether a table lamp reduces the blue light

You need to see whether the lamp reduces the blue light and meets the national standards. The most basic standard is that the Blu-ray hazard level measured at 200mm distance should not exceed RG1. In fact, most non-professional lighting research companies are not good at this.

3. Whether the table lamp is anti-glare

To make the light soft and not dazzling, and to use the eyes for a long time without feeling tired, this is related to whether the optical structure used by the table lamp is professional. Most of the table lamps on the market are used more casually in the optical structure, so that they do not dazzle at the expense of the loss of light brightness. Professional high-end table lamps do a better job in anti-glare, lumens are higher, and the actual brightness is not reduced much.

4. Check the color temperature

The color temperature for a eye-protection reading table lamp is more suitable in 3000K-4000K. 3000K is widely used in Europe, of which 3000K-3300K is the most suitable for infants and young children. In Asia, people are used to using a color temperature of 4000K; 3000K-4000K can be chosen according to your own preferences. Below 3000K, the light is yellow; above 4000K, the light is white; in both cases, long-term reading is not eye-friendly.

5. Whether the table lamp has strobe

Choose a small table light without strobe. Generally, stroboscopic can be tested by mobile phone. It is recommended to choose professional brand table lamp products.

There are many substandard table lamps on the market, so if they are for children, you should pay more attention to them.

In fact, not many people insist on doing professional lighting. Most of the table lamp merchants on the market are gimmicks with various functions, ignoring the pursuit of lighting. Whether you choose a table lamp that focuses on eye protection for reading and learning, or a professional reading lamp, you can choose Espada's eye-protection reading series of table lamps. Choose the reading lamp and choose Espada!

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