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Round Chandeliers and Square Chandeliers, Which One is Better to Install in the Bedroom?

I. Types of chandelier lights

Lamps are essential for home decoration. In addition to providing lighting for the space, they also play a decorative role. Different styles of lamps have different decorative effects. Especially for the choice of bedroom lamps, the chandelier lights used in the bedroom are round or square, but which shape is better?

II.  The benefits of choosing a round chandelier light

The bedroom space is usually not very large, and the pattern of the bedroom is more like square. So, the choice of round chandelier is more in line with the structure of the room. Because the square room is equipped with a round chandelier, it will be more beautiful from the design of the "circle".

In addition, something round will give people a sense of security.  Considering the safety of bedroom lighting, the chandelier light should not be too large, too bulky, and should have a strong light. The round chandelier is not only beautiful, the size will be more practical and lighter than the square, and it is more safe.

Ⅲ. The advantages of square chandelier lights

It is also a good choice to install a square chandelier light in the bedroom. If the space of the house is large enough, choosing a square lamp will give people a sense of extension. The general lamp is equipped with the LED light source. So, not only its appearance is very beautiful, but it also has a soft light, which allows us to have a good quality sleep.

Square or round, both types of chandelier lights have their own decorative function. In actual matching, the space layout should be considered according to personal preference and room decoration style.

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