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Classification of Various Custom Lighting Styles and Several Styles of Hotel Lighting Design

Ⅰ. How to choose the type of hotel lighting?

In the process of hotel decoration, customers often have a headache for the type of lamps, Chinese lamps, European lamps, crystal lamps, modern lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and other styles and various spaces are dizzy.

However, if you have a little understanding of the classification of lamps before purchasing, and then sit directly according to your decoration style, then the selection will not be so entangled.

Ⅱ. The type of lights used in hotel rooms

1. European style

European style is a style from Europe. There are mainly French style, Italian style, Spanish style, British style, Mediterranean style, Nordic style and other major schools. It is the intense cultural connotation expressed by the cultural traditions of European countries.

European-style lamps and lanterns emphasize change and movement in appearance, break through balance, and have a changeable plane. In terms of color, warm colors are the main colors, making good use of gold and ivory white. The colors are bright, gentle and delicate but luxurious and gorgeous.

2. Modern simplicity

Modern light design tends to be simple. Minimalism has its roots in Western Modernism in the early 20th century. The characteristic of the minimalist style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum level, but the requirements for the texture of colors and materials are very high.

Therefore, the design of simple lamps and lanterns is usually very euphemistic, and it can often achieve the effect that less is more, and simplicity is more complicated.

Nowadays, most of the simple style lamps have smooth lines, without any complicated mood, but they can release thousands of styles in static state, and easily get everyone's attention with the state of flowing clouds and flowing water. Its outstanding taste makes the whole space complete because of it.

3. Brilliant crystal

Crystal lighting originated from the mid-17th century in Europe, the "Rococo" period. At that time, Europeans were particularly longing for gorgeous and splendid objects and decorations, and the crystal lighting type came into being and was very popular.

Nowadays, crystal lighting is no longer a patent for royalty and nobility. Many families will consider choosing a crystal lamp with beautiful colors to create a home atmosphere.

The dazzling decoration of the crystal lamp can make the whole living room radiant, shining in the dark, expressing the supreme brilliance of oneself, which is the appropriate expression of exquisite life.

4. Chinese classic

The design of Chinese-style lamps and lanterns inherits the essence of the home furnishing concept in the Tang Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties, so that personal home furnishing can get the feeling of historical continuity and regional context.

The Chinese style is exquisitely symmetrical in appearance and contrasting in color. The decorative materials are mainly wood, and the patterns are many dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions, etc., which are meticulously crafted and beautiful and ingenious, showing the owner's higher aesthetic taste and social position.

The Chinese-style lamps with classical appearance, bright and neat, have a strong and elegant traditional taste, and the antique design is even more memorable. To create a space full of traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people, the type of Chinese lamps can play a finishing touch and allow traditional art to be expressed in today's society.

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