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What Kind of Lamp is Best for the Kitchen?

The kitchen is a place to replenish energy for a day, so the choice of lighting for a kitchen ceiling is also very important.

1. Kitchen lighting needs to be divided into two levels:

One is the lighting for the entire kitchen, and the other is the lighting for washing, preparation, and operation.

Generally speaking, for open kitchen cabinets, whether they are in-line or zigzag cabinets, the light sources are mostly in the form of ceiling embedded spotlights, and the number varies. Try not to use ceiling lights, because they don't focus, only have floodlight, so they should not be installed in the kitchen. Choose warm light as much as possible for the light source, which is very beautiful.

2. The chromaticity of lighting for a kitchen ceiling:

It is better to use fluorescent lamps that can maintain the original colors of vegetables and fruits. This not only allows the dishes to display appetite-attracting colors, but also helps the housewife have a higher discrimination when washing. The shape of the lamp is mainly functional, easy to use, and easy to clean. Lamp materials should be selected that will not oxidize and rust or have a good surface protection layer. The direction of the light should be projected from the front as much as possible to prevent shadows from hindering the work, especially when the spotlight is selected as the lighting fixture.

3. The location of the kitchen lighting:

It is best to install a light above the kitchen basin or the vegetable cutting table, otherwise the washing at night will be in backlit, and the eyesight will be poor, which will be worse at night. Some glass storage cabinets can be equipped with projection lights, especially when some colorful tableware is stored inside, which can achieve a good decorative effect. In terms of environment, don't use dark colors for the kitchen ceiling, and don't use dim frosted lights. With a dark background and frosted lights, the kitchen lighting will be useless.  

All in all, the kitchen is a place for cooking, try not to decorate it too fancy. It is best to choose a cabinet with its own lights. In terms of energy saving, don't install too many lights, and install smart switches.

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