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Glass Lights

Glass lights are one of the decorative elements that interior designers reuse again and again. Glass can be blown into various shapes, like typical glass jug as a stand for table lamp normally matches with fabric lampshade, globe or deformed shades for chandelier pendant lights and quality floor lamps, funnel, cloche shapes used for wall lights. According to the combined elements, our glass lamps for sale can be modern or vintage styles.  Glass lights are often used as ambient lighting for home, such as a decorative glass table lamp can be placed behind a sofa in the living room, welcoming lighting on a foyer side table, small glass shade pendant lights for kitchen island. No wonder interior designers never get tired of glass lights, they seem to fit absolutely everywhere.

Types of Glass Lights

More Questions About Glass Lights?

Why use glass lamps?

First of all, the first major feature is energy saving, which can save more than 80% of the electric energy compared with other lamps. The second major feature is environmental protection, which can be recycled after use, thus saving more resources. At the same time, the installation and replacement of this lamp are relatively simple, and even in large places, its use and replacement are not particularly troublesome. In addition, the light of the lamp is uniform, which can protect our eyesight well.

How to maintain glass lights?

Glass lamps in toilets and bathrooms must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades, otherwise, the service life will be greatly shortened; Glass lamps in the kitchen should pay special attention to prevent oil fume, because the accumulation of grease will affect the brightness of the lamp, so it should be wiped with a cloth frequently.

The reason why glass lamps are widely used?

The uniform light of glass lamp can protect our eyesight. On the premise of ensuring brightness, it can also emit softer light and create a more three-dimensional feeling. In addition, the lamp has a long service life, can resist the impact and corrosion of rain and other external substances, and has strong environmental protection. The materials used in the design and production of lightboxes and lamps have no pollution and are highly recyclable.

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