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Dining Room Lighting

The dining room actually plays an important role in the house. Here, the whole family gets together to discuss various things during dinner, and it sometimes can be used as a home office or entertaining place. So the dining room lighting needs to be adaptable, practical, and able to meet the design style. A great dining room lighting brings a warm look during dinner time. There are many factors to consider before deciding on the lighting for a dining room. From hanging height to the lighting size, it is important to consider your space and existing furniture before purchasing any lighting equipment. According to the dining table shapes and styles, the lighting can be pendant lights, linear suspensions, flush mount ceiling light, and chandeliers.

Types of Dining Room Lighting

More Questions About Dinning Room Lighting?

How can I light my dining room without a ceiling light?

You can install the right ceiling light for your dining area instead of hardwiring it overhead. All you need is an arc floor lamp; They plug directly into the wall socket, but stand very high, with a long, curved neck, and can put the light bulb and lampshade directly on your desk.

What is a dining room light called?

When it comes to lighting, restaurant chandeliers can add elegance and taste to your space. These luminous central lights create a perfect atmosphere for dining and entertaining guests. In addition, the installation of chandeliers is a simple and affordable way, which can bring a sense of grace and delicacy to your restaurant.

Should dining room lights point up or down?

Choose a light fixture so that the light points below the surface, rather than a chandelier with all the lights pointing to the ceiling. However, if you use this area strictly during meals, use indirect lighting with light bulb up to create a softer and more relaxed atmosphere.

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