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Desk Lamp or Wall Lamp? Notes for Purchasing Bedside Lamp!

I. Bedroom light lamp

Bedside lamp is an auxiliary lighting lamp in the bedroom, which is deeply loved by people. Bedside lighting methods include table lamp, sconce lamp and even floor lamp. When matching bedside lighting lamps, we should take into account the three needs of beauty, practicality and convenience. Many people may be tangled in choosing table lamp, sconce lamp or floor lamp. In fact, no matter what lighting method is adopted at the head of the bed, there is no obvious difference between the advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on the size of the space and personal needs.

II. Notes for purchasing bedroom light lamp

1. Light

The light of the bedside lamp should be relatively soft, but the brightness should not be too dark, so as not to give people a sense of depression and even damage their eyesight. On the other side, too bright light will stimulate your eyes and make it unable to sleep.

2. Size

Attention should also be paid to the size of the bedside lamp, which should be selected according to the actual space. If too large the space appear narrow, or the bedside lamp may fall due to careless collision. If too small it cannot illuminate the ambience.

3. Brightness adjustable

Try to choose bedroom lamps that can adjust the brightness and turn them on or off according to the actual use. However, energy-saving lamps are low energy consuming lamps and the brightness of many energy-saving lamps cannot be adjusted, so attention should be paid to the selection.

4. The switch should be accessible

The placement and installation positions of different types of lamps are different. Whether it is table lamp, sconce lamp or floor lamp, the switch position should be considered. It is best to be able to reach it when lying down.

5. Height

In order to facilitate use, the height of the lamp also needs to be considered. Foldable or rotatable bedside lamp can be selected to adjust the height according to different use conditions to meet different use needs.

III. Where are wall lamps usually used at home?

Sconce lamp is an auxiliary lighting and decorative lamp installed on the indoor wall. The light of sconce lamp is elegant and dim, which plays a good decorative role in the home.

1. Bedside: For the sconce lamp installed here, it is best to choose the one whose lamp cap can adjust the direction and the brightness of the lamp should also meet the reading requirements. The style of the sconce lamp should be considered to echo with bedding or curtains in order to achieve a better decorative effect.

2. In front of the mirror: The sconce lamp installed here is generally installed above the bathroom mirror. It is best to choose the lamp head facing down. The style of the lamp can be considered to echo with the faucet or the handle of the bathroom cabinet.

3. Corridor or living room: Wall lamps in these places are generally used as auxiliary light sources. The lighting should be soft, and the installation height should be slightly higher than the horizon. It is best to match with some other decorations, such as an oil painting, a vase decorated with flowers, or a wall frame for displaying works of art, etc.

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