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Fabric Lamps

Fabric is mostly used as lamp shades for table lamps and floor lamps. There are four broad categories of fabric lampshade materials: silks, synthetics, linens, and cotton.  While linens and cotton fabric lamps seem more popular. Fabric lampshades are usually held up by stands, which come in round, candlestick type, square, or tripod structures. When you choose a fabric lamp, you need to consider the style, color,  and size, as well as the purpose of the lamps. For example, if you’re looking for a  children’s room fabric lamps, we recommend our animal dog lamps, which feature a  dog sculpture stand with a European fabric lampshade, glows warm and soft light,  and the size is not big that can be moved and placed in other position easily, it’s ideal as bedside reading lamp or night light. Except for the European lampshade, there also have many other types for selections, such as bell, drum, rectangular, empire,  hexagon, etc.

Types of Fabric Lamps

More Questions About Fabtic Lamps?

What is the best fabric for lamp shades?

Cotton is a popular shade fabric, easy to clean, it can be well covered and gathered to make it into the pleated and decorative shade. There are almost countless kinds of cotton fabrics, but one of the best choices for lampshades is soft cotton.

Why people cover a lampshade with fabric?

Add interesting fabric to the lampshade to create a great focus for the room Match the fabric of your favorite pillow, or match with the lamp holder to create a bold look. Completely customizable and original - this project is a way to leave your mark on the room!

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