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Introduction of the Advantages of Wall Lights and Installation Height

I. Wall lights are a local lighting tool

For home lighting, we can choose from a wide range of lamps and lanterns, which also have various styles. You may be dazzled by all kinds of lamps when you enter the lamp market.  Home lighting is generally divided into main lighting and auxiliary lighting. The so-called main lighting refers to global lighting such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, and light strips. The auxiliary lamp refers to the local lighting such as table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps, spotlights, and even decorative lighting lamps.

II. The characteristics of quality wall lights

1. Generally speaking,as a local lighting device, the power of wall lights is not large, so more energy is saved. At the same time, it is a DC drive with low power consumption (0.03-0.06 watts per tube). The electro-optical power conversion is close to 100%. The quality wall lights with the same lighting effect saves more than 80% of energy compared with the traditional light source.

2. Quality wall lights mostly use solid cold light source, epoxy resin encapsulation, and the shortcomings of filament light and easy to burn, thermal deposition, light decay and so on are not very obvious. Therefore, its service life can reach 40,000 to 50,000 hours, which is much longer than that of traditional light sources.

3. The installation height of the wall lights is usually low, and as a result, it is much more convenient to clean and take care of. The quality wall light is beautiful for decoration.

III. The appropriate installation height of the wall lights

1. For bedside wall lamp, we recommend that the height of the bedside wall lamp should be between 1.5m-1.7m from the ground and 95-400mm from the wall, and install it on where that is as convenient as possible for you. Under special circumstances, make appropriate adjustments.

2. For ordinary wall lights, for example, wall lights in the living room, corridor, and dining room, we recommend a distance of 80cm from the work surface (such as a desktop), 2.2m-2.6m from the ground, and 10-40cm from the wall.

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