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What Type of Chandelier Lights Looks Better?

I. Choose the chandelier light based on the purpose

We must firstly consider in what areas the lamps are applied to when we are buying one. Different usage require different types of chandelier lights. Large chandelier lights are used for lighting throughout the house, decorative chandelier lights are used for local lighting such as sofas, bedsides, desks, dining tables, and stairs.  Spotlights, barrel lights, track lights are used for background wall and decoration lighting.

II. Choose the chandelier light based on the size

We should use a softer light source for bedrooms, and a circular chandelier would do that. For the study room, children’s room, and kitchen need brightness, a soft light chandelier should be the first choice. You can use any lamps in the living room or balcony.

When choosing a chandelier, you must also consider the size, area and height of the room. For bedrooms and study rooms under 20 square meters, the diameter of the lamp should be within 50 centimeter. Generally, in a room with a height of about 3 meters, the height of the chandelier should not exceed 40 centimeter.

Energy saving is also an important issue that should be considered when choosing a chandelier. Different styles of the chandelier light provide different light sources and brightness, so you can make decision according to your needs.

III. Choose the chandelier light based on colors

The color of the chandelier can be chosen by yourself. The colored light is also a torture to the human optic nerve. Especially in the children's room, we should avoid colored lights. Most of the chandelier lights are close to the sunlight in the spectrum, for which our eyes are easier to adapt to the light of the chandelier lights.

Espada Co.Limited provides various styles and types of chandeliers, and you are always welcome to buy them.

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