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Restaurant/Cafe Lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in creating the right atmosphere for a restaurant. Having the right lighting can not only set the mood but also affect the appearance of food on the plate. So restaurant lighting is an important element in a restaurant’s overall design. When choosing a lighting design plan for a restaurant or other commercial spaces, there are some factors to consider: the theme of the restaurant,  color of the walls, the functions of the lighting-ambient or accent lighting, the height of hanging, the color temperature, and lumen needed, etc. Keeping up with the latest lighting trends that can make the restaurant feel fresh is also an important factor to consider. If you want customers to feel at home in your bar or restaurant, make sure not to ignore the importance of lighting and make it a core part of the design from the beginning. Espada is one of the most professional restaurant lighting companies having types of restaurant lighting for sale!

Types of Restaurant/Cafe Lighting

More Questions About Restaurant/Cafe Lighting?

How do you make lighting for a cafe?

Use low-intensity, warm color lighting to create this atmosphere. Use more wall lights and less direct lights coming down from the ceiling of the coffee shop. Place several high-intensity lights in cream and sugar stations, cork boards, pastry boxes, etc. to balance the darkness.

What is restaurant lighting?

Proper lighting can distinguish space. Restaurants include different areas such as the waiting areas, dining areas,s and bar areas that is critical to the overall function of the organization and customer experience. All areas should have different lighting to reflect the purpose of each area.

Why is it so dark in restaurants?

The more customers you serve in the shortest time, the better. In so-called "gourmet" places, the idea is to keep customers in their seats, presumably to continue ordering more expensive food and drinks. Dim lighting is also thought to promote romance.

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