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Metal Lighting

Metal is the most widely used material in the lighting industry, as it's more sturdy than copper, easier solderable than aluminum, cheaper than stainless steel. Metal is no doubt the first important element to be considered when creating a new lamp,  from the frame to the base and lampshade. 

Some lighting is entirely made of metal,  such as vintage monkey lamp, as metal material is easier to be polished and painted with retro or antique finishes and the key reason is that the metal is cheaper, while some metal lighting is matched with glass, fabric lampshades or other materials. Espada has metal latern lamps for sale with a low price. Check out our metal lighting selection for the best ones in unique.

Types of Metal Lighting

More Questions About Metal Lighting?

What is a metal halide lamp used for?

Metal halide lamps are used for indoor and outdoor general lighting purposes, such as commercial, industrial and public places, parking lots, sports grounds, factories and retail stores, as well as residential safety lighting; Automotive and professional applications are further application areas.

Can you touch a metal halide bulb?

When handling metal halide lamps, remember not to touch the bulb with your hands. Natural grease on the fingers can contaminate the glass, causing heat to accumulate in the area, affecting the bulb.

Does a metal lamp need to be earthed?

First of all, you don't need 1.5mm twins and the earth to illuminate. 1.0 mm is enough, cheaper, and easier to use. I hope your metal lamp is double insulated and does not need to be grounded.

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