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What Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing Lamps and Lanterns?

I. Decor lighting lamps

Lamps are indispensable decorations in home decoration. The existence of lamps is not only used for lighting, but also has a very important decorative effect. What should be paid attention to when choosing lamps? Everyone attaches great importance to the choice of lamps. Generally, different rooms have different requirements for lamps. In addition, when choosing lamps and lanterns, we must also understand some precautions, so as to purchase lamps and lanterns in a better and more reasonable way.

II. How to choose decor lighting lamps

1. Study room lighting should be bright and soft, and desk lamps with incandescent bulbs are more suitable. The desk lamp of the writing desk should be adapted to the nature of work and learning needs. It is advisable to choose a direct-lit desk lamp with a reflector and a lower opening, that is, a work desk lamp or a writing desk lamp. The light source of the desk lamp is usually an incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp. A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only help distinguish the title of the book, but also maintain the temperature to prevent the book from damp and rot.

2. There should be several kinds of lamps in the bedroom, such as ceiling lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., which should be adjusted and mixed at will to create a warm atmosphere. Wall lamps and floor lamps can be used to replace indoor ceiling lamps. The wall lamp should use the diffuser material lampshade with low surface brightness, so that the light in the bedroom appears soft, which is conducive to rest. It is also possible to install a hanging main lamp in the appropriate position of the room and install a wall lamp on the bedside. These lamps should be controlled separately.

3. The dining table in the restaurant requires horizontal illuminance. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a strong downward direct luminaire or a pull-down luminaire as decor lighting. The position of the luminaire is generally directly above the dining table. The lampshade should be made of glass, plastic or metal with a clean appearance so that it can be scrubbed at any time. Floor lamps can also be used for lighting and warm-colored wall lamps can also be appropriately configured on the wall, which will make the atmosphere when banqueting guests warmer and increase appetite.

4. Ceiling lights are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms and aisles because the brightness of lighting needed in these places is not large. And because of the large amount of water vapor and dust, it is easy to clean with a ceiling lamp and it is helpful to protect the bulb.

III. What should be paid attention to when choosing decor lighting lamps?

1. Safety. When choosing a lamp, you should not just look at the price, but first look at its quality and check whether the warranty and certificate are complete. Many lights are inferior in quality and endless hidden dangers. Once a fire occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.

2. Pay attention to the consistent style when choosing lighting. The color, shape, and style of lamps should be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture and echo each other.

3. Inspection. The lighting is mainly made of glass, which is fragile. After long-distance transportation, it will inevitably be scratched or damaged. Since decor lighting lamps are generally hung in prominent places in the home, even minor damage will affect the use effect.

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