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How to Choose the Living Room Pendant Light?

Pendant light illumes in the dim night for us. Different pendant lights also have adornment functions. It makes the sitting room more ornamental. So how do you choose the living room pendant light?

Ⅰ. The choice of the living room pendant light's quality

When you choose the living room pendant light, do not choose the cheap lamp which generally has no quality assurance. In general, the luxury living room pendant light is suitable for composite residential. Indirect low-voltage lanterns are very suitable for ordinary residential. When we buy it, we need to install energy-saving pendant lights and choose those pendant lights with full metal materials that are consistent inside and outside. In this way, it can be well guaranteed that the color of the electroplated pendant light will not fade due to a long time.

Ⅱ. The choice of the living room pendant light's materials

At present, the top grade is still crystal pendant lights. We need to check carefully when buying crystal pendant lights because most of the crystal pendant lights on the market are made of high-tech materials, imitated crystals. However, the shoddy crystal lamp uses plastic as the material, and its quality is very poor. The types of crystal lamps include crystal glass bar chandelier, crystal glass mid-range chandelier, natural crystal-cut chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, and so on. Numerous products can be more conducive to our choice.

Ⅲ. Choose the living room pendant light based on your decoration

In the lobby area of the living room, you can install classic original lighting brand Chinese pendant lights so that people can feel the warm and happy atmosphere as soon as they enter the door. Chinese patterns can show the traditional family atmosphere. But it should be noted that: the specifications and style of the pendant lights and lanterns should be matched with the living room. In addition, if you want to highlight the screens and decorations, you need to add spotlights to show better the style and uniqueness of the living room pendant light.

Choose the pendant light according to the decoration style of your home. Those who like European style can choose fancy pendant lights or crystal pendant lights. For modern decoration, you can select ordinary ceiling lights. Consider the color temperature of the lamp. It is recommended to use around 4000K. Because the color temperature of 4000K is close to sunlight, 2700K is yellowish, and the 6000K is too bright. This kind of lamp is easy to maintain and has a simple structure. Try to choose some branded lamps.

Espada puts a lot of effort behind each product, even if it seems simple. We have a strict quality management system. Our certified quality control and supervision system run through the entire production process, raw materials, processes, assembly, and packaging to ensure that each product is of the highest quality and absolutely without defects. The materials for our pendant lights are carefully sourced from manufacturers who must meet our strict standards. As a factory with resin and hardware, resin lamps and metal edge lamps have become our most advantageous products. Our advantages are undeniable in the quality control and delivery cycle. Of course, we also have some cooperative factories, such as electroplating, paint, powder coating, and many material suppliers, which are strictly selected to meet our high-quality requirements. Welcome to buy our products!

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