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Do Eyeshield Lamps Really Protect Your Eyes? Tips for Choosing a Table Lamp

At present, the myopia rate of children and adolescents is increasing year by year. In addition to the usual eye hygiene and genetic factors, the cause of myopia is also closely related to light. As a companion for children to read at night, various types of table lamps are now dazzling, and the prices are also very different. How to choose a desk lamp correctly? What should be paid attention to when using table lamps?

First we need to figure out what do we need? What we need is a desk lamp that can be used for study and reading, in order to protect the eyes from damage. Let's take a look at the comparison of several types of table lamps:

Ⅰ. The comparison of several types of table lamps

1. Incandescent lamp

Incandescent lamps are yellowish in terms of light, and the brightness is generally insufficient. The bulb flickers are serious and the heat is large. Especially in the hot summer, it is easy to make people feel irritable. Although incandescent lamps have a full spectrum as a table lamp, they have gradually withdrawn from production and sales due to their low light efficiency.

2. Eye protection lamp type table lamp

(1) A good eye protection lamp type table lamp uses three primary color bulbs. The color reproduction of a good tricolor lamp will be better than that of ordinary energy-saving lamps, the brightness will be higher, and the light will be softer.

(2) Some eye protection desk lamps claim to have no flicker, but in fact, the high-frequency electronic rectifier is used to increase the current frequency, so that the flicker of the light reaches a frequency that is difficult for the human eye to recognize, but this only makes the eyes relatively comfortable.

3. LED desk lamp

The LED desk lamp uses an LED semiconductor light source. The characteristics of the semiconductor light source determine that it must work with direct current, which eliminates stroboscopic, and is small in size and long in life. However, the lamp chip and driving power supply are the key technologies, the market is relatively chaotic, and the products are mixed.

In fact, the three types of table lamps have their own advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to identify the products certified by the state and buy them from regular channels. As the top China table lamp manufacturer, ESPADA has different types of table lamps in different styles for sale, such as monkey lamp replica light, industrial style tripod table lamps, dog shaped table lamps, etc. 

Ⅱ. The table lamp should also be paid attention to in the use

1. To master the brightness distribution of the lamp in the field of vision

In some families, in order to save electricity, children learn only to turn on the lamp. Sometimes I am afraid that the brightness is not enough, then change a lamp with a large wattage. If only the desk lamp is bright, the surrounding darkness or the illumination under the desk lamp is very high, but the illumination in the non-reading area is very low, and the eyes must constantly adapt to adjust the brightness contrast that is too high or too low in the field of view, which is easy to cause visual fatigue, which is easy to induce myopia. . Generally speaking, in addition to turning on the desk lamp, it is also necessary to provide a relatively soft background lighting, which can improve visual acuity and reduce visual fatigue.

2. Avoid glare interference in reading places

Table lamps that avoid direct glare should be used indoors, and the uniform glare value should meet the national standard. The indirect glare caused by the mirror reflection of some decorative or desktop materials in the home, such as metal and glass plates, can cause subjective reactions of visual discomfort, and sometimes it is even difficult to see the details of book fonts. Some children are affected by glare for a long time due to their young age or insensitive subjective response, which leads to a sharp decline in vision.

3. The home layout should make full use of natural light, and the desks for children and adolescents to read and do homework at home should be arranged near the lighting windows as much as possible.

4. The height of the lamp is also very important

(1) Usually, when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, the handwriting can be read clearly without excessive fatigue. Based on this calculation, the height of the table lamp is 40-50 cm away from the writing.

(2) Generally, the distance is 30 cm-45 cm, and the light and the line of sight form a 45-degree angle. This not only ensures sufficient reading lighting, but also has a certain brightness in the surrounding environment. Because the desk lamp is a typical point light source, the light and shade vary greatly from far and near. If the desk lamp is too low, the light will shine in a too-small range, and the surrounding area will be dark.

5. The placement of the desk lamp also has a great impact on vision

Because most people write with the right hand, the lamp should be placed in front of the left side of the body. When writing, there will be no shadow on the paper due to the occlusion of the hand, and the light on the paper will not be reflected into our eyes and cause glare. . Of course, the general indoor lighting should not be blocked by objects, so as to avoid the effect of background light on the reading area.

Written at the end, don't be blindly confused by the shape when purchasing kids table lamps, the actual function is also very important. As a professional table lamp manufacturer in China, ESPADA can provide you with high-quality and practical animal-shaped table lamps. If you are looking for suitable table lamps, welcome to contact us!

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