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Wall Lamp

A Wall lamp is typically a lighting fixture that is installed on the wall or headboard. Lamp light for wall, as a kind of cheap lamps for sale, comes in a wide variety of different forms due to different purposes, such as vanity lights, bedside wall lights, task wall lights, corridor wall lights, foyer wall lights, outdoor wall lights, accent lights, ambient wall lights. As a professional wall light lamp manufacturer and supplier, we have types of quality custom wall mounted lights such as aluminum wall lamp, fabric wall lamp, glass wall lamp, brass wall lamp and metal wall lamp. We also have different lamps for different rooms like Barn Light Sconces, bathroom wall sconce lights, bed room and bed side wall light lamp, dining room wall lamp, hallway lamp, indoor light lamp, living room lamp, warehouse lamp and kitchen wall light lamp. 

According to shapes, there are bulldog wall lamp, childrens bedroom wall lights, etc. While according to the style and feature classifications, there are modern wall lamps, vintage wall lamps, danish lamps, animal wall lamps, plug-in wall lights, swing wall lights, accent wall light, multi-light wall sconces. You can find the perfect match to fit the design, color, and decor of your room.

Types of Wall Lamp

Different Types Of Wall Sconces Lights?

There are several common types of wall sconces: swing-arm sconces, barn light sconces, caged wall lamps, multi-light wall sconces, metal wall lamps, vanity wall lights, animal sculpture wall lamps. No matter what type of wall sconce, they can all be categorized into three simple design structures, which way the light is pointing.  They are up light, downlight, and all directions.  According to size, the lamps can be divided into mini wall lamp, small wall lamp, large, extra large, extra long wall lamp light.

According to the power source types, wall lamps can be sorted into hardwired wall sconces and plug-in wall sconces. There are beautiful fancy cute wall mounted lights for sale. The wall light lamp price is pretty cheap. 

On top of all of the different types, there are a few different styles that you can find too. Such as the most popular Scandinavian wall lamps, contemporary wall lamps,  industrial wall lamps, farmhouse wall lamps, retro wall lamps, rustic wall lamps. Come and buy buy wall lamp scones!

More Questions About Wall Lamp

Why Do I Need Wall Lights?

If you want to expand the atmosphere and add depth to your décor, wall lights are worth thinking about. Wall lights have a variety of styles and can be used for many purposes. Here are few quick reasons to consider installing wall lights in your house. 

As a kind of cheap lamps for sale, wall lights can provide necessary illumination for safety - Light up dark hallways, stairs, entrance, or passageways inside or outside the house. 

Serve as accent lighting - Highlight features and artworks, to put the focus on a  particular decor item or area of your home. These are usually in the form of gooseneck wall sconces, picture lights, or wall-mounted spotlight. 

Create task lighting – Ease with reading, the reading wall lights always come in multi-functions of light direction adjustable, swing arms and dimming, that can be mounted on bedside or living room, and won’t get in the way. 

Or be used as decoration alone to add design and feature to boring walls or corners.

How To Choose A Wall Sconce?

Sconces are a smart choice for almost any room in the house, from the entryway to the living room to the bathroom and bedroom, it works perfectly with overhead ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps. A single sconce is often used over a  picture, over a desk, or in the corner. But in most situations, sconces are used in pairs or groups, on either side of the fireplace, vanity, bedside, entryways, stairways,  kitchen sink, porch, front door. 

When choosing a wall sconce, you must know where the wall lamp is used, and define the type of wall light that matches your home style and decor, while still serving the purpose it was intended for. Sconces come in various shapes, sizes, materials,  and colors. With so many choices, you will find a wall sconce to suit any home décor.

Where Should I Use Wall Lighting?

Wall-mounted fixtures balance overhead light sources and add that little something extra to round out the décor. Unlike many other lighting fixtures and large lamps, wall lights seem appropriate in pretty much any wall places that need direct light,  such as childrens bedroom wall lights, kitchen, bathroom, living room, home office, entryway, stairway,  basement, loft, balcony, or outdoor porch wall lights.

How To Install A Wall-mounted Sconce?

When installing and whenever acting on the appliance, ensure that the power supply has been switched off. Most wall sconces come with all the necessary hardware for mounting. Prepare all the tools and lighting accessories, then follow the installation process as below. 

Step one – Make drilling marks on the wall according to the wall attachment. 

Step two – Drill holes and insert expansion pipes. 

Step three – Fix the wall attachment with the appropriate screws.  

Step four – Make the wiring connections with the main cables accordingly.

Step five – Mount the canopy on the wall attachment, tighten it with nuts.  

Step six – Install the lightbulb to light up, making sure it does not exceed the manufacturer's recommended wattage.

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