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Hotel Lighting

Hotel lighting is usually created according to the room's design styles and the whole decorations, selecting our regular lighting, can greatly reduce the cost of development. So choosing the regular lighting should be planned for prior to investing a great deal of money into it. Or similar lamps can be another choice when it's difficult to find the same design lighting as original requests. As one of the top hotel lighting manufacturers and suppliers, we have types of hotel room lamps for sale no matter hotel corridor lighting or hotel exterior lighting. There is a wide range of hotel lighting available for bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, hallways,  even outdoors. Whether you are looking for modern or vintage lighting options, we can provide you with everything you need for stylish and luxury hotels. If the budget is sufficient, it's easier to make the original hotel lighting designs be true. We have strong development experience for years, pls contact our customer service team for more details.

Types of Hotel Lighting

More Questions About Hotle Lighting?

Why do hotels have yellow lights?

The color of light also plays an important role in this aspect; Bright yellow is warmer and more popular than dim white light. LED lights have a variety of color options and intensities. This gives the hotel a lot of space to use lighting in public areas such as reception and restaurants.

What lighting do hotels use?

Room lighting. Table lamps and floor lamps in hotel rooms usually use standard bulbs (A19 shape). These standard bulbs may use standard screw-in or twist-lock (GU24) bases.

Why is lighting important in a hotel?

Proper lighting will affect the mood of guests. Well-positioned lighting stimulates positive emotions. LED lights simulate natural sunlight, which is an improvement on traditional yellow lights. Adjustable lighting at night can help you sleep more soundly.

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