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Danish Lamps

Sparked from the Nordic countries and influencing such design movements as mid-century modern. Danish style lamps feature simplicity, functionality, and elegance, with a unique style that can bring a fresher and cleaner look to contemporary homes.  

This kind of quality lamp is very beautiful and amazing. This unique lighting method emphasizes warm comfort. They illuminate the interior to create a pleasant atmosphere, not just for clarity. The most iconic pieces like PH  lamps, AJ lamps, Cobra lamps, Grasshoppa lamps, Muuto's Danish design lamps mix mid-century modern influences with contemporary technology. 

Danish lighting will work well in any space. We are a professional electric light company, so whether it is rethinking the lighting of the entire house or just a  room, our Danish design lighting is the perfect choice to enhance the sophistication and elegance of the modern home.

Types of Danish Lamps

More Questions About Danish Lamps?

Why should we choose Danish lamp?

Danish lamps not only emphasize reasonable and effective lighting but also incorporate humanized factors to protect human eyes in all directions. The lamps and lanterns should provide a kind of glare-free light and create a comfortable atmosphere. For example, in the bedroom, few people install luxury chandelier lighting and usually use two delicate bedside Danish lamps, which can not only eliminate the fatigue of the day but also create a warm and private atmosphere.

Why don't Danish lamps hurt your eyes?

Danish lamp light rays must be reflected once to reach the working face, so as to obtain a soft and uniform lighting effect. You can't see the light source from any angle, so as not to irritate your eyes with glare. Compensate the spectrum of incandescent Danish lamp to obtain suitable light colors. Reduce the brightness of the edge of the lampshade to prevent excessive contrast between the Danish lamp and the dark background, causing eye discomfort.

Where is Danish lamp suitable for placement?

Danish lamp relieves the excessive contrast with dark background through scattered light sources, which is more conducive to visual comfort. At the same time, the Danish lamp can provide a kind of glare-free, comfortable light and create a proper atmosphere, so it is more suitable for being placed in the bedroom.

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