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What About the Glass Pendant Light?

The glass ball pendant light is a decorative high-end lighting lamp made of glass. Generally, it is supported vertically by wires or iron chains, which has a good visual effect. The glass chandelier is mainly made of glass lampshade, which can make the light look transparent. The texture of the glass can make the whole atmosphere more advanced and intoxicating.

1. The choice of glass ball pendant light:

The essence of glass pendant light is still a chandelier, so the chandelier should pay attention to the load bearing of the hook. Pay attention to the dry humidity of the ceiling, and install the hook on the structural layer to avoid installing the hook in the damp area.

First of all, according to the decoration style, whether it is classic or simple, this determines the shape of the lamp.

The second is the type of room. For example, lamps for the living room can be relatively grand and complicated, and for dining room they can be more stylish. The lights in the bedroom should be as simple as possible, because the chandelier in the bedroom will usually be at the end of the bed or above the middle, so it should not be too large or depressing.

The third is to adjust the sag size of the chandelier according to your floor height.

2. Reasons for choosing glass pendant light:

Because of the good permeability of glass, some lamps and lanterns use the color of the glass itself to adjust the color of the indoor lighting. It is also extremely unique and beautiful for decoration.

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