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Foyer Lighting

The foyer is usually a space that connects the entrance to various other rooms. In other words, a foyer is a welcoming place where guests enter the home and wait for the owner to be notified. So a well-designed foyer looks more important,  it’s the key to making a first impression and introduction to the rest of the house.  There are many elements that should be considered before decorating the foyer. First of all,  decide the style of the whole house, then selecting the right furnishings according to the space size. Lighting plays a vital role as a focal point and as a supporting player in setting a warm inviting foyer. If the foyer has high ceilings, a chandelier or a pendant light is a good option. If there has a long side table or storage in the corner, it’s also a  good idea to put two table lamps on it. It’s perfect to choose the foyer lighting as to  the furniture used

Types of Foyer Lighting

More Questions About Foyer Lighting?

How do I choose a foyer light?

The designer's rule of thumb is that the height of the suspended luminaire shall be 2 to 3 inches of the ceiling height. For example, a 10-foot hall ceiling requires a 20 to 30-inch chandelier.

Should foyer and dining room lighting match?

The lamps and lanterns in the foyer and restaurant, like all the lamps and lanterns in your home, should be coordinated, not matched. These two lights are usually the most important in the home, as guests usually see these two areas.

How do you light a small hallway?

Place at least one light every eight feet. Small lamps with low wattage bulbs should be placed more frequently. Attract attention by placing a light at both ends of the corridor. If you choose wall lamps, put them high on the wall, which can attract the eyes and make the space feel open.

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