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Application Scenarios and Artistic Effects of Chandeliers, Ceiling Lamps, Wall Lamps and Table Lamps

1. Lighting fixtures

Whether it is commercial lighting, or household lighting, we will use a variety of lamps and lanterns. Some are used as main lights, some are used as auxiliary lights, some are used for lighting, some are used for decoration. So, what kinds of lamps and lanterns are there? What is the artistic effect of chandelier, wall lamp, table lamp, ceiling lamp and so on?

2. Pendant lamp

Pendant lamps, also known as suspended lamps, are mostly of two types: hanger rod and suspension wire. Usually, we subdivide the pendant lamp into indoor lighting chandelier and engineering chandelier in large commercial space. The pendant lamp is characterized by high-end atmosphere, especially in some large commercial spaces. A set of luxurious engineering pendant lamps can add a lot of feelings to the whole space. The pendant lamp acts as the main lighting in the home space. In terms of style, there are two types of pendant lamps: the lampshade facing up and the lampshade facing down.

3. Wall lamp

This kind of lamps are mainly divided into wall attached type and cantilever type, which are mostly used in the porch, bedside, mirror front and other spaces of home space. It is installed on walls and columns, mainly with decorative effect. For commercial space, it is mainly used for aisle and corridor space, which can not only guide customers, but also play a good role in decoration and energy saving. Since the installation height is close to the height of human eyes, the installation height of wall lamp needs special attention. The bedside wall lamp can be closer to the ground.

4. Ceiling lamp

This is a kind of lamp close to smallpox, so it is called ceiling lamp. Ceiling lamp is widely used in the lighting of home space, in which living room, bedroom, bathroom and balcony are more commonly used. It can not only save space, but also play a good decorative effect. And, the size and floor height of the home space do not have much restriction on the ceiling lamp. In the commercial space, such as some aisles, corridors, there will usually be a combination of ceiling lights, making the space more malleable and interesting.

5. Floor standing lamps

It is mainly used for local lighting of living room, bedroom, hotel room and other space, mainly for decoration and auxiliary lighting. Of course, there are a small number of owners who choose the floor lamp with larger lamp body as the main lighting lamp. When you need to read and do manual work on the sofa in the living room, turn off the main lights and turn on the floor lights, which can be regarded as an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and interesting way of life. And, because it is not fixed, it can be moved at will as needed, as long as there is a socket. The height of the lampshade should be lower than the vision plane of the person.

6. Desk table lamp

In the auxiliary lighting of home lighting, the desk table lamp can be said to be the most commonly used. Living room sofa, low cabinet, TV wall, study, bedroom can be decorated with a desk table lamp. In commercial places, desk table lamps are mainly used in reception desks and guest rooms, especially when getting up at night, the desk table lamp is very practical.

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