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Marble Lamps

Marble has always been used as a lamp base, as it's heavy and offers enough stability for a table lamp or floor lamp. These marble lamps combine a variety of materials,  including metal, aluminum, fabric, or glass shades, to create a uniquely modern look that fit in any space. They are elegant ambient lighting for an entryway, living room,  and bedroom, adding soft lighting meanwhile offering decorative elements. Marble lamps are also one of the lighting styles that designers must consider when designing hotel projects, featuring simple lines, sleek outlines, and metallic accents. Each lamp has a solid marble base. As a professional decorative lighting company, we use pure natural marble materials with natural texture on the stone, available in black and white colors. According to the matching lampshades, the marble bases come in different shapes, such as round, square,  rectangular, cylinder, cone, etc. Check out our marble lamps below – each showcasing a unique personality and an elegant aesthetic.

Types of Marble Lamps

More Questions About Marble Lamps?

Why use marble as a lamp base?

Durable colors. It's resistant to ultraviolet radiation, so it can keep its color as it did on the first day. Fire-resistant and heat resistant. The marble surface is resistant to high temperature.

How to clean marble lamps?

When marble is cleaned, we must master the skills to deal with common stains, just wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. If it is stubborn stains, you can clean it with lemon juice or vinegar. Pay attention to the strong acidity of these two substances and the residence time cannot be too long.

Does marble crack easily?

Although granite, marble, and "engineering stones" produce harmful silica dust when cutting, grinding, or polishing, a CDC researcher who tracks cases of silicosis says synthetic stones usually contain more silica.

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