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How to Choose Bedside Lamp in Children's Room?

The lighting design of the children's room is the top priority of the decoration of the children's room. After all, the protection of children's eyesight is very important. Many parents are entangled in whether to install bedside lamps, because bedside lamps can facilitate children to read before going to bed and wake up at night. , but I am worried that the bedside lamp is too close to the child, the radiation is large, the child will play with the bedside lamp during bedtime, etc., which will affect sleep and development. In fact, it is possible to install the bedside lamp or not. If there is, it is better to install one. When designing a bedside lamp for a children's room, pay attention to factors such as the wattage, color, shape, and material of the bedside lamp. Let's take a look at the design of the bedside lamp in the children's room.

Ⅰ. Should bedside lamps be installed in children's rooms?

Many children have their own children's room. For the sake of children's health and comfort, parents are very concerned about the decoration and layout of children's rooms. Do children's rooms need bedside lamps?

The bedside lamp in the children's room is mainly to facilitate children to read before going to bed and get up at night, especially younger children, who need to listen to bedtime stories to fall asleep. A bedside lamp with soft light can provide parents with a light source for reading, and also It can help the child fall asleep peacefully; in addition, if the child needs to go to the toilet at night, turn on the bedside lamp without worrying about bumping, which is very convenient.

Some parents believe that bedside lamps are electrical appliances and have a certain amount of radiation, while bedside lamps are generally closer to children and have greater radiation. The switch of the bedside lamp is set within easy reach, and the child is active and energetic by nature, and it is easy to play with the bedside lamp without sleeping, which affects development. Most children are more sensitive than adults, and the bedside lamp near the head can easily affect the child's sleep quality.

In general, the installation of bedside lamps in children's rooms has both advantages and disadvantages. Whether it is safe to install or not depends on parents' considerations and children's needs. A bedside lamp is better.

Ⅱ. How to choose the bedside lamp in the children's room

The lighting fixtures in the children's room are generally divided into four types: main light, bedside light, auxiliary light and desk lamp. Among them, bedside light is mainly convenient for children to read and get up at night. So how to design a bedside lamp in a children's room?

1. The bedside lamps in the children's room should be LED lamps with a power of about 3-5W, not too bright or too dark.

2. It is recommended to use warm light in the color selection of bedside lamps used in children's rooms, because warm light has better scattering and penetration than white light, and it is easier to give children a sense of security.

3. The shape of the bedside lamp in the children's room is generally considered to be cartoon, which can be a cute cartoon character or a cartoon shape that children like. Parents can also choose animal shaped lamps for children.  If not, choose a simple shape.

4. The bedside lamp in the children's room requires strong materials, and do not use fragile materials such as glass, so as to avoid bumping and breaking the child.

5. A switch should be set for the bedside lamp in the children's room. It is usually not recommended to set a socket. If a socket is used, it is recommended to use an anti-touch protective socket.

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