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Animal Lamps

Espada Light has cute animal lamps for sale! The animal themed lamps are just amazing which can add interest to the space and room. Espada's animal shaped lamps are a fancy and exquisite kind of lamps, which can be used not only as the decoration for a nursery or kid's room, but also as the decoration for the morden house to add some  retro or natrual atmosphere. 

Many models of our animal themed lamps are tabletop size, which means they’re great as nightstand lamps. We make a wide variety of animal lamps for sale, such as all types of monkey lamps, dog lamps, bird lamps, mini mouse lamps, cat lamps, squirrel lamps, squirrel pendant light, ape wall light, bulldog wall light, owl wall light, owl table lamp, Santa lamp, reading man lamp, etc. Animal shaped lamps are one of our most popular collections. We sell containers of animal themed lamps monthly. 

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of animal shaped lamps, Espada keeps continuing to create more unique animal lamps to meet the increasing demands of animal lamps. If you are interested in our animal shaped lamps, welcome to contact us!

Types of Animal Lamps

More Questions About Animal Lights

Learn More About Animal Lamps

Animal lamps can make a big impact in a space and are a quick way to raise corners and add interest to the design. Even if there are no other animals in the space, you can still add one for a bold statement. Animal lamps commonly come in the form of table lamps, that not only lights up a room but also serve as a piece of room decor. Whether it's in a bedroom, playroom, living room, or even a nursery, animal table lamps can provide an element of fun and imagination.

Lighting Trends-whimsical Animal Lamps

Now the focus of the interior design is to bring the outdoors into the interior, and design inspired by nature has truly become the focal point. As a kind of fancy lamps for sale, there is no doubt that lighting with animal-shaped as the design concept has become a popular trend and is deeply loved by people. We have created many different quirky and animal-inspired novelty lights that both brighten and make a statement in your home. From our best-selling monkey lamps to the stylish bird lamps also known as raven lamps, to various lovely dog lamps, we've got something to suit all animal lovers. Whether used singularly or together they are sure to be major conversation pieces. If you also like animals, why not add a whimsical piece of the animal lamp to your home decor?

Where Can I Use The Animal Lamps?

Just about anywhere you want a little whimsy. Many models are tabletop sizes, only a few come in the form of wall lamps and pendant lights. In addition to acting as a  focal point in nurseries, these animal lamps are also a nice addition to freaky playrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. Animal lamps emit a soft glow of ambient lighting, it is important in areas like living rooms and bedrooms, where you spend a  lot of time. Place one or two on your nightstand or on a side table in your entryway for additional lighting and eye-catching style.

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