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Floor Lamp

Floor lamps refer to tall lamps designed to stand on the floor, which are often positioned either in the corner of a room or behind a seating area as the increased light is useful for performing activities, reading, and so on. 

Although floor lamps, Chinese style standing up floor lamps for sale, as a kind of fancy lamps for sale are not essential lighting for interior design, seeking a perfect floor lamp can create a  better atmosphere for space. As a professional Chinese floor lamp manufacturer and supplier/factory, offering both widespread ambient lighting and direct task lighting, different types of high quality floor lamps in China which are always used in the living room, bedroom, lobby,  office. We make a variety of types, such as ambient floor lamps, reading floor lamps,  arc floor lamps, multi-arm floor lamps, tripod floor lamps, modern floor lamps,  industrial floor lamps, each with their own unique functional benefits. cheap floor lamps Amazing beautiful extra tall and large chic floor lamp is pretty welcomed by customers. We offer cheap floor standing lamps for sale. The floor lamp price is suitable. Don't hesitate to buy standing floor lamp!

Types of Floor Lamp

Learn More About Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are basic interior home decor, offering not only functionality but also making a design statement through the type of lamp selected, the materials used,  the unique features, even the choice of light bulbs have an impact on the mood and ambiance of a room. Sometimes, when you are trying to create an atmosphere in the living room or bedroom, overhead or wall lights are not enough. Floor lamps are free-standing and can be placed anywhere in the room as long as there is a power outlet nearby, which makes them highly adaptable and a popular choice of lamps. It offers task lighting when standing close to a sofa, chair, or bed.

What Are The Different Types Of Floor Lamps?

A good floor lamp can brighten up an entire room or provide direct light right where you need it most. Floor lamps come in many different types: ambient floor lamps,  task floor lamps, arc floor lamps, tripod floor lamps, torchiere floor lamps, swing-arm floor lamps, captain floor lamp, down bridge floor lamps. The versatility and portability of a floor lamp allow flexibility in both illumination and style. According to size, the lamps can be divided into mini, small, big, extra large, extra tall wall lamps. According to materials, it can be divided into glass, metal, fabric shade, wooden and brass floor lamps. Besides, there are some other features of floor lamps: classy, creative, fancy, luxury, stylish, amazing beautiful floor lamps. We also provide some other styles of lamps such as contemporary floor lamp, Scandinavian floor lamp, modern floor lamp, danish floor lamp, contemporary floor lamp, vintage floor lamp and Mid-Century Modern floor lamp.

More Questions About Floor Lamp

How To Choose Floor Lamps For Living Room?

The living room is usually a multi-purpose space, where is used for relaxing, entertaining friends, reading, sewing, watching television, playing games, and other activities. Obviously, creating successful living room lighting looks very important. When you're choosing a floor lamp for a living room, you want to pay attention to its style,  type, material, function, size, and lampshade. 

Type – Before making a correct purchase of floor lamps for the living room, you must first know what types of floor lamps are available. 

Purpose – Floor lamps can be used for both task lighting and ambient lighting, so deciding which is the priority will help you quickly choose the right floor lamp. 

Style – Select a floor lamp that provides the desired function and can also work with the decor and design of your living space. There are many popular styles of floor lamps for you to choose from, such as mid-century modern floor lamps, farmhouse floor lamps, Scandinavian floor lamps, industrial floor lamps, contemporary floor lamps. 

Position – Where to place the floor lamp in the living room, by sofas or by chairs? If you choosing a large floor lamp, such as a tripod floor lamp or tree floor lamp, you should make sure there have enough space to place it. 

Other considerations for choosing a floor lamp, such as the size, height, materials,  lampshade types, cost are also very important.

How To Pick A Bedside Lamp?

Bedside lamps act an important role in providing enough light for comfortable reading or as a night light with a dimming function.  

For bedside reading lamps, we recommend our AJ wall lamp, AJ table lamp, Atelier table lamp or Atelier floor lamp, Gooseneck Barn Sconce, Flos IC lights, Grasshoppa table lamp, Gras 304 Sconce Lamp, these lamps are perfect for use as task lighting. 

When choosing a night light, it's better to pick a small size of table lamp with a fabric shade that glows soft and warmer light, if the table lamp comes in dimmable or rechargeable features, that would be easier to use.

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