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Fiberglass Lighting

Fiberglass is a common fiber reinforced plastic that uses glass fiber. Because of its lightweight, durability, resistance to wind, temperature, and coldness, it is widely used in the construction and automobile industries. With all its features, fiberglass lamp helps to strengthen the structure and make them look more beautiful. It is recommended to use fiberglass as a new replacement lampshade for lamps. Fiberglass is easier to be formed in different shapes when creating a large lighting fixture. For example, the iconic sky garden suspension light, featuring a deep dome lampshade, showcasing a  historical interior of the sculptured garden made of fiberglass in white color, and a glossy black, white or brown cover outer. And famous Amsterdam wall light and  Gorilla wall light are also made of fiberglass, which well proves the fiberglass is an ideal material for large hand-carved lighting products.

Types of Fiberglass Lighting

More Questions About Fiberglass Lighting

Is Fiberglass lamps stronger than glass lamps?

These are the differences between carbon fiber and glass fiber. Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in general, they are glass fiber. According to one's definition of strength, fiberglass is considered to be a stronger material because it has the property of bending to avoid fracture.

What is fiberglass?

Glass fiber or glass fiber is a kind of reinforced plastic material, which is composed of woven materials embedded with glass fibers. Glass fibers are randomly placed across each other and fixed together with adhesive materials. Glass fiber and resin combine to form a very strong and durable composite material.

Is Fiberglass a glass or plastic?

Glass fiber is a kind of fiber-reinforced plastics, in which glass fiber is reinforced plastics. This may be why fiberglass is also known as fiberglass or fiberglass reinforced plastic. Glass fibers are usually flattened into thin sheets, arranged randomly, or woven into fabrics.

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