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Wall Lamp Makes the Wall More Beautiful

Ⅰ. Wall lamp

Compared with table lamps and floor lamps, wall lamps are not important lamps, but they are very important for walls. Its appearance gives the monotonous wall its unique vitality, and also creates a unique sense of fashion.

Ⅱ. The practicality of the wall lamp

1. Living room lighting

Wall lamps usually play the role of auxiliary in the living hall lighting. Its appearance did not grab the status of other lamps, but stood silently on the wall as a supporting role, blooming its own charm. As an atmosphere lamp, there are many precautions for the installation of wall lamps. Under normal circumstances, the installation height of the wall lamp should exceed the line of sight. In addition, in the choice of shape, it must conform to the overall design style to achieve a balance between decorative embellishment and visual enjoyment.

2. Corridor lighting

The secluded corridor is somewhat cold, and the decoration with wall lamps makes this place more warm. In the corridor planning, the monotonous wall was used as an opportunity to make full use of the soft light brought by the wall lamp as the first element of the design to create a warm and bright base. Through the creative and changeable wall lamp design, a diversified space display is constructed in a unique way, so that this slightly monotonous space presents a rich sense of beauty and visual effects.

3. Bedroom lighting

The most common design technique is to place a wall lamp beside the bed in the bedroom. It is an auxiliary light source compared to the bedroom lamps, and it is an exquisite design beside the bed. The wall lamp and the design of the bedside are intertwined and contrasted, forming a three-dimensional display relationship, which strengthens the soft decoration design of this area and highlights the rich layering. The soft light and shadow are released here, glowing with the ultimate beauty.

4. Toilet lighting

In the lighting design of the bathroom, wall lamps are often chosen as the main light source for the washbasin. Partial lighting embellishment, combined with the overall design effect, extends a diversified visual sense, pure and minimalist, expressing individuality in the details. The symmetrical wall lamp design further emphasizes the balanced beauty of this space. The three-dimensional line composition presents a different charm.

There are thousands of wall lamps designed, each with its own unique charm. The wall lamp makes the building more beautiful and fashionable. Gentle and soft lighting can bring endless warmth.

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