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The Correct Use Way of Desk Desk Lamp

I. The brightness of the table lamps should be appropriate

If the brightness of the table lamp is too low, the light on the book will be dim, and it will be difficult to see the writing. This will cause visual fatigue, and over time it will lead to myopia. If the brightness is too high, the excessively strong light will be reflected into our eyes through the white paper surface, causing the pupils to shrink continuously, causing eye pain and headaches. According to the indoor lighting environment, it is best to adjust the lamp to the comfortable brightness for the eyes. 

II. The position of the table lamps also has a great influence on eyesight

Because most people use their right hand to write, your nice table lamps should be placed in the front left of the body. When writing, it will not form a shadow on the paper due to the hand, and the light shining on the paper will not be reflected in our eyes and cause glare.

III. The height of the table lamps is also very important

Generally, when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, we can see the handwriting clearly without being overly fatigued. Based on this calculation, the height of the table lamp is 40 cm from the writing, so that sufficient reading lighting is ensured, and meanwhile the surrounding environment also has a certain brightness. In addition to the correct use of table lamps, it is also important to maintain the correct reading and writing posture.

There are various types of table lamps in our company: Chinese style table lamps, decorative table lamps, the antique gold table lamp, etc. 

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