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Design and Selection Methods of Hotel Lighting

Hotels are usually divided into business-type and tourist-type hotels. Business-type hotels are usually located in economically developed cities, receiving guests on business trips, and highlighting functions such as office work, conferences, and business banquets;

Tourist resort hotels are usually located in tourist attractions, highlighting vacation and leisure functions. But this distinction is relative, and their functions often intersect.

They all have reception halls, various types of guest rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, and multi-functional halls. Therefore, from the perspective of hotel lighting design, their commonalities are basically the same.

In the lighting engineering design, the function-based lighting systems such as factory workshops, schools, classrooms, offices, laboratories and sports venues are usually called general lighting or general lighting, while hotels, hotels, advertisements, shop windows, dance halls, Restaurants, etc. are called decorative and artistic lighting (referred to as decorative lighting).

At present, most of the hotel lighting in China are five-star hotels. Generally, four-star and three-star hotel lighting design does not pay much attention to it. In fact, whether it is hotel, architecture, landscape planning or indoor lighting, it is generated by customers facing different needs.

Ⅰ. The basic concept of hotel lighting design

1. "Lighting" and "Bright"

The Chinese character "zhao" refers to realization, a means to realize "light"; the word "brightness" speaks of the result produced by "illumination".

2. Lighting emphasizes vision

Lighting is based on visual stimulation, and hotel lighting design is completely affected by many factors such as material, reflection, environment and viewpoint. The control of the light and shade of the space should be considered while lighting.

3. Architecture begins with light and ends with shadow

"Architecture begins with light and ends with shadow." The thinking and insights on light and architecture have certain inspiration and influence in terms of lighting design.

Ⅱ. Hotel lighting design classification and application scheme

1. Classification of hotel lighting design

Hotel lighting design is divided into outdoor lighting and indoor decorative lighting. Outdoor decorative lighting includes building facade lighting, courtyard lighting, square road lighting, fountain and modeling lighting, etc.

Indoor decorative lighting includes lighting for lobby, guest room, restaurant, coffee shop, bar banquet hall, conference hall, etc.; artistic decoration lighting (such as sculpture, relief, tapestry, mural, etc.) and key purpose lighting; office, kitchen lighting, etc.

2. Main design and application scheme of hotel lighting

(1) Hotel exterior wall architectural lighting. In order to control the glare and not affect the rest of indoor customers, it is not suitable to use large-area floodlight, and a narrow beam projection local lighting method should be used.

(2) Requirements for hotel lobby lighting for hotel lamps:

First, there are personalized lamps such as large mouille chandeliers and lanterns;

Second, embedded downlights can be used for gypsophila arrangement, and it is recommended to use dimming equipment;

The third is that there are often dark trough lights on the wall to form the effect of ceiling support;

The fourth is to set up road signs as needed to guide customers.

(3) Hotel room lighting. The lighting of the guest rooms should be warm tones and the color temperature should be around 3300K to create a warm and comfortable environment, which is easy for guests to rest.

(4) Hotel restaurant lighting. Restaurant lighting should be designed according to the differences in food culture. According to the requirements of the restaurant's flavor characteristics, regional culture, etc., it can meet the needs of flexibility.

(5) Conference room lighting. When projecting a slideshow, turn off the lamps so that the projection is clear. The star-rated conference room can be considered, and the overall indirect lighting method is the main method. The podium area is relatively independent. Downlights and grille lights are used to create the atmosphere of the podium. Hotel lighting should adopt intelligent control mode.

(6) Lighting of the hotel multi-function hall. Dim the lamp, choose low-power metal halide lamps, and dimmable fluorescent lamps should be equipped with dimmable electronic ballasts. Consider meeting the shooting requirements.

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