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Resin Lamps

Resin lamp is one of our leading products, mainly for animal lamps carved with resin material. We use environmentally friendly resin, which has passed Compliance Test - on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and  Electronic Equipment and obtained RoHs test reports issued by Bureau Veritas, so it's absolutely safe for use. 

With the novelty and portable features, our resin light lamps for sale are mostly used as children's night light table lamps or night lights with a suitable price. Which are very popular as we sell containers of these resin lamps every month, and we will keep new creations to extend our markets. Monkey lamps, mouse lamps, bird lamps, dog lamps are our top four bestsellers of animal shaped lamps, there also have many other resin lamps, if you’re also looking for these interesting resin lamps, pls click our collections of resin lamps, animal lamps, or creative lighting for more selections.

Types of Resin Lamps

More Questions About Resin Lamps?

Why do people like Resin Lamps?

Resin lamps are solid, weighty. When you pick up a resin lamp it feels pleasingly chunky,  and there's plenty of scope for vibrant color tones –  all the way from solid black to the kinds of translucent yellows and oranges that gleam gloriously under a lit bulb,which can make full use of the light to set off the atmosphere. Besides, there are many other resin lamps such as animal shaped lamps, which are pretty welcomed by children. 

Why are resin lamps durable?

Lamps with resin lampposts will not rust, corrode or dye, which makes them more durable than any other lamppost materials such as aluminum, copper, and wood. They are the only true composite polystyrene lampposts in the world.

What is resin material?

Synthetic resin is the basic raw material of plastics, accounting for more than 30%~60% of its components. Synthetic resin, referred to as resin for short, is a synthetic high molecular polymer. Therefore, different types of plastics can be named after their synthetic resins.

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