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Attention! It's a Big Mistake to Choose Desk Lamp Only According to Style

Desk lamp is essential for many families, especially for families with children. How to choose a desk lamp may not be so concerned, as long as the style is good-looking and creative enough. In fact, different desk lamps have different advantages and disadvantages with different functions. For children, choosing desk lamps is also very particular.

I. Three main optical performance requirements for children's table lamp's normal working

1. Shading. When a person is in a normal sitting position, the inner wall of the lampshade and the light source should not be visible when his eyes look horizontally.

2. Table illumination requirements

3. Illumination uniformity requirements. It should be ensured that the illumination in the working area illuminated by the desk lamp is relatively uniform and can not produce particularly bright or dark spots, so as to reduce eye fatigue and be called a writing desk lamp.

Many parents buy eye protection lamps for their children to protect their eyesight. In fact, there is a lack of conclusive and scientific evidence on whether these lamps have eye protection effect. Therefore, to protect eyesight, the key is to learn to use nice desk lamps correctly, rather than blindly pinning hopes on eye protection lamps.

II. How to use writing desk lamp correctly?

First, the degree of the bulb should be appropriate. If the degree is too low and the light on the book is dark, it is not easy for us to see the handwriting, which will cause visual fatigue and myopia after a long time. At that time, the treatment of myopia will become a must every day. If the power of the light bulb is too high, too strong light will be reflected into our eyes through the white paper, resulting in glare and continuous narrowing of the pupil and thus eye pain and headache.

Second, the height of the desk lamp is also very important. Usually, when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, they can see the handwriting clearly without excessive fatigue. Based on this calculation, the height of the desk lamp is 40-50 cm away from the writing, which not only ensures sufficient reading lighting, but also has a certain brightness of the surrounding environment. If the desk lamp is too low, it will make the light shine in a too small range, and the surrounding is dark. The loss of a reference object for distant vision will make the eye adjustment systems in a tense and compressed state of only looking at the near, which is easy to make the eyes tired and accumulate rapidly and resulting in "light source myopia".

If the desk lamp is too high, the light will directly shine on our eyes and produce glare; At the same time, close-up strong light will also cause light retention on the retina, which will tighten the eye muscles and accelerate the decline of vision. Therefore, we should master the knowledge of treating myopia at ordinary times.

Third, the placement of desk lamps also has a great impact on vision. Because most people write with their right hand, the desk lamp should be placed in the front left of the body. When writing, it will not form a shadow on the paper because of the shielding of the hand and the light on the paper will not be reflected into our eyes to produce glare. In this way, it will not affect our eyesight and cause problems such as myopia.

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