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Introduction of Installation Height Range of Wall Sconce Lamp

Lamps can bring warm feelings in the cold winter. Fashionable and simple lamps have small shapes, which can light the whole space. The wall sconce lamp is one of the lamps that can create a warm feeling and add romance to the cold wall. However, do you know the height range of the wall arm lamp installation? It has different effects under different heights. If it exceeds a certain range, the lamp light for wall will lose its functions. Next, ESPADA will briefly introduce the installation height range of the wall sconce lamp.

1. The collocation of the wall sconce lamp

The wall sconce lamp is the low-key and most inconspicuous lamp in home life, and its bulb power is generally about 15-40 watts. It has soft and elegant light, which can create a warm, romantic, and comfortable atmosphere for the bedroom. Currently, in the home decoration, the lamp light for wall is generally installed at the head of the bed for easy reading, and at corridors for easy lighting, as well as in front of the mirrors for decoration and easy washing. In general, the effect produced by the wall arm lamp is directly related to the size of the space and the installation height. It should be simple and decent in small spaces, and it should not be too bright to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

The shade of the wall sconce lamp should be selected according to the wall color. Light green and light blue shades are suitable for white or light yellow walls. Milky white, light yellow, and brown shades are suitable for blue-green and sky-blue walls. A conspicuous wall sconce lamp installed on the wall with a large area of a pure color will bring people a sense of elegance and freshness.

2. The installation height of the wall sconce lamp

(1) The household wall sconce lamp is generally installed in entrances, corridors, mirrors, and bedsides while the wall arm lamp in public places is generally installed in stairs, halls, and corridors. When installing the lamp light for wall, you need to pay attention to its height range, which should slightly exceed the visual level.

(2) The wall sconce lamp installed in corridors should be slightly higher than the visual level by about 1.8 meters, which is 2.2~2.6 meters away from the ground.

(3) The wall sconce lamp should be 1.4~1.8m away from the desktop under a working environment. However, at the head of a bedroom, it should be 1.4~1.7m away from the ground.

(4) The wall sconce lamp should be 0.09~0.4m away from the wall.

The above information is about the installation height range of the lamp light for wall in home decoration. It can be seen that the height of the wall arm lamp should be determined according to the purpose and installation place, and the effects of the wall sconce lamp are different from places. For the wall sconce lamp in home decoration, it is necessary to consider the lighting effect and creation of the atmosphere.

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