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Is the Use of a Study Lamp Harmful to Eyes?

Normally, the study lamp is not harmful to the eyes, but it is harmful to the eyes when you read under too strong or dim light. Therefore, the study lamp should be placed on the left front of the desk, so as not to block the light with your right hand; it is best to choose a study lamp that does not directly illuminate the eyes and is fixed; the table lamp can use 40 watts Bulb or 20-watt fluorescent lamp to achieve 400-700 lux illuminance.

1. How to choose table lamp

1.1 Low blue light: In short, blue light is a kind of light that is harmful to human eyesight. Long-term reading under the irradiation of blue light can easily lead to myopia, cataracts, and even blindness in severe cases. Especially for children, this kind of injury is more serious, so you should pay attention to this when buying a study lamp.

1.2 Soft light: In normal daylight, we see sunlight, the color temperature is about 5600K, this kind of light is white and high, if you read and study under this kind of light, it is easy to cause eyesight fatigue. The light of the study lamp should be softer, with a color temperature of about 4000-5000K, which has a protective effect on the eyes.

1.3 No stroboscopic: Many table lamps will have stroboscopic problems, and stroboscopic will have a great impact on people's eyesight, and it is easy to cause eyesight fatigue or dizziness.

1.4 Lighting range: The so-called lighting range is the area that can be illuminated after the study lamp is turned on. The current study lamp (study lamp) on the market has an illumination range of about 55 cm, which is sufficient for normal learning and writing. You may not be very concerned about the range of illumination, but in fact, if the range of illumination is relatively small, it is easy for people to have an improper sitting posture, and it is also easy to cause problems such as myopia and hunchback.

1.5 3C certification: For table lamps used by students, the state requires that they must pass 3C certification. Therefore, when buying a study lamp, you need to pay attention to whether it is a 3C certified product, so that the quality is guaranteed.

2. How to use table lamp

2.1 The lampshade should be lowered to ensure that the light in the viewing area is bright enough, and at the same time, it can block the light source to avoid glare;

2.2 To avoid the lamp cap being too close to the viewing area (books/desktops), resulting in excessive light.

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