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How to Choose a Good Wall Sconce Lamp

Wall sconce lamps generally have the following advantages: novel design, elegance and uniqueness, soft lighting, being practical and easy to install as well as beautiful for decoration. So how to choose a good wall sconce lamp?

I. First, look at the lampshade. Generally, the lampshade of the wall sconce lamp will be made of glass, fabric and PVC. You can turn the light to see the transmittance of the lampshade, and whether the shape and pattern of the lamp are in harmony with the home decoration style.

II. Look at the lamp brackets. The wall lamp brackets are mostly made of metal, which requires us to investigate whether its corrosion resistance is good or not, and whether the color and paintwork are beautiful and full.

III. Since the wall sconce lamp is more used for decoration, the light should be soft, and the wattage should be controlled within 30 watts to reduce the damage to the wall caused by the heat generated. In addition, different types of wall lamps should be selected according to the needs of the installation. The last thing to note is that it is best to choose a wall lamp with a protective cover for the bulb, which can prevent the wallpaper from being ignited which can cause danger.

IV. The illuminance should not be too high, so that it is more artistic. The lampshade should be chosen according to the wall color. For white or cream-yellow walls, light green and light blue lampshades should be used, while for lake green and sky blue walls, milky white, light yellow, and brown lampshades should be adopted. With the wall covering ,large area of which only has one color, serving as the background, an eyes-grabbing wall lamp is decorated on that, giving people a sense of elegance and freshness.

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