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What is a Wall Light? Where Are Wall Lamps Used?

What is an outdoor accent wall light? It is usually installed on the outdoor wall, and some products can also be installed on the outdoor lamp post wall. Compared with indoor accent wall lights, outdoor accent wall lights have better waterproof performance and are mostly closed structures, which can prevent the erosion of lamps by outdoor rainwater and prolong the service life of lamps. Outdoor accent wall lights generally have the following advantages, novel design, elegant and unique, soft lighting, generous and practical, easy installation, and strong decoration. For urban greening lighting, creating high-quality civilized residential quarters, and improving the lighting culture of the living environment, outdoor lamp wall lights are undoubtedly indispensable ideal lamps.

1. Application place of accent wall light

Accent wall lights are auxiliary lighting decorative lamps installed on indoor walls, generally with milky white glass lampshades. The light is elegant and harmonious, which can embellish the environment elegantly and richly, especially for the newlywed room. There are many types and styles of accent wall lights, generally common ceiling lamps, color-changing accent wall lights, bedside accent wall lights, mirror accent wall lights, etc. For the accent wall light installed here, it is best to choose the lamp head that can adjust the direction. The brightness of the lamp should also meet the requirements of reading. The style of the accent wall light should be considered to have a certain echo with the bedding or curtains, so as to achieve a better decorative effect. The accent wall light installed here is generally installed above the bathroom mirror. It is best to choose the lamp head facing down. The style of the lamp can be considered to have a certain echo with the handle of the faucet or bathroom cabinet. The accent wall lights in these places are generally used as auxiliary light sources, the lighting should be soft, and the installation height should be slightly higher than the eye level. Or a wall frame to display artwork, etc. When choosing an accent wall light, you should pay attention to the color matching with the wall. It is best not to choose the same color as the wall. Using some contrasting color lamp wall lights will sometimes have a good effect.

2. The size standard of the accent wall light

Wall sconces are small lamps that many families will install. On the one hand, accent wall lights can act as auxiliary lighting and on the other hand, they can play a very good decorative role. Therefore, many newly renovated families like to buy accent wall lights, especially corridor accent wall lights and bedside accent wall lights. , living room accent wall light, bedroom accent wall light, etc., but many people do not know how to install the accent wall light after buying it, especially the installation height of the accent wall light.

In fact, for lamp wall lights, it is divided into many types and can be divided into outdoor accent wall lights according to the different places of use. Such accent wall lights are mainly used outdoors, such as outdoor accent wall lights, garden accent wall lights, corridor accent wall lights, etc. If it is an outdoor accent wall light or The height of the courtyard is generally installed on the wall beside the street. Its height is preferably 1.8M or above. If it is a corridor accent wall light, it should be measured according to the height of the corridor, generally 1.7m or above; the other is the indoor accent wall light, It can be divided into living room accent wall lights, bedroom accent wall lights, and aisle accent wall lights. The installation height of these three types of accent wall lights is generally 1.7m~1.8m, or so. If it is a bedside accent wall light, its installation height is between 0.6m~1.0m. Of course, sometimes it can also be installed according to the designer's special design or the installation location that you like, but there is a problem that you should pay attention to safety issues, and do not install it in a place where children can easily touch it. This is the most important.

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