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Aluminium Lamp

Aluminum is the best lighting material for LED lights and outdoor lights, with features of lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy heat radiating, electronically insulating, and recyclability. The truth of the matter is that each material has advantages and disadvantages for specific applications and should be used under the right conditions. 

Aluminum is an important material used for our interior lamp lighting decoration, as it's easier to be die-cast, the aluminum lamps are usually with complicated structures, there are some iconic modern aluminum lamps such as  Tolomeo lamps, Beat pendant lights, Spun Lights, PH snowball pendant, PH 5  pendant light, Artichoke lamps, Skygarden pendant light, Smithfield pendants, etc.  Find the right aluminum lamps for homes, hotels, shops, or other spaces from below.

Types of Aluminium Lamp

More Questions About Aluminium Lamps?

Why use aluminum materials make lamps?

When exposed to air, aluminum naturally produces a high corrosion-resistant protective oxide coating. This makes it very suitable for coastal lighting because it can resist chemicals such as sulfur and chloride, and also have electrical insulation.

What is the advantage of using aluminum?

Lightweight, durable and infinitely recyclable value-added aluminum products can reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in dozens of applications. The coated aluminum roof can reflect up to 95% of the sunlight, significantly improving building energy efficiency.

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