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How to Install the Room Pendant Lights? What is the Size of the Pendant Lights?

I. How to install room pendant lights

1. Get the suspension plate from the top plate of the suction cup and select a suitable position.  If the positions of the screws are not aligned, pay attention to adjusting the position of the screws and the installation position of the room pendant lights.

2. Find the position of the hole on the ceiling according to the installation strip, select the appropriate drill size, and use electric rotation to drill the ceiling.

3. Install the relevant accessories of the room pendant light according to the instructions, take out the parts in the box, assemble and install according to the drawings, and hang them together.

4. Put the expansion bolts into the holes in the ceiling. You can use a hammer to knock the bolts into the holes, and then fix the hanger plate of the room pendant light on the ceiling.

5. Connect and fix the lamp panel, turn off the power. Connect the power socket to the filament, wrap the strap above it, and fix the lamp panel on the back.

6. Install the bulb of the room pendant lights on the lamp panel, take out the bulb and carefully screw it on the lamp panel. Each bulb must be turned on during installation to ensure that the lamp can function normally. After hanging the lamp, check whether the accessories are complete and installed correctly to ensure safe use. Finally, turn on the room pendant lights to see the overall effect.

II The general size of room pendant lights

1. If the room has limited space, you should choose small pendant lights with a diameter of 60 cm when choosing a chandelier. If the lamp you choose that is too large, it will feel more depressing.

2. If the living room area is more than 30 square meters, pay attention to the luxurious atmosphere when choosing the room pendant light. Large-sized living rooms are generally more common in villas. It is the best to choose a large chandelier of more than one meter which is in harmony with the character and level of the living room.

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