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The Effect of the Chandelier Will Be Different in Different Environments

Lamps are an indispensable lighting tool for every household. They bring us light in the dark. With the change of interior design, lamps and lanterns extend from the most primitive lighting function to the level of space beauty, and the appearance of lamps and lanterns also has more changes in style.

1. The characteristics of the chandelier light

The chandelier light has an elegant appearance, dignified atmosphere, and is hung on the ceiling, which is a relatively conspicuous existence; and the style of the chandelier is rich and varied, and through reasonable style matching, it can be installed with a very good design effect. The height of the floor is required. The height of the chandelier light itself is generally more than 50cm. If the floor height of the house itself is relatively small, if a large-volume chandelier is installed, it may hit the head, so the floor height is relatively short. Affecting the space layout, the chandelier light in the bedroom - the chandelier lamp hangs down, and you basically hit your head when you step on the bed! The most annoying thing is that if a chandelier lamp is installed in the bedroom, it will also affect the installation of the mosquito net, and the mosquito net is directly on the chandelier. The dust accumulation is difficult to clean, the lamp body of the chandelier lamp is exposed, and it is easy to accumulate dust, and the installation position of the chandelier light is relatively high, and it is difficult to take care of the sanitation on weekdays. After a long period of accumulation, the dust will accumulate It will be very noticeable and may even block the lights to dim.

2. The attributes of modern dining room chandelier lights

Crystal chandeliers: At present, most of the crystal lamps on the market are made of imitation crystals, but the materials used are different. High-quality crystal lamps are made of high-tech materials, and some shoddy crystal lamps are made of plastic crystals. The effect is naturally poor.

Chinese chandelier looks classical Chinese chandelier, bright and flexible, suitable for installation in the corridor area. At the entrance, the bright light gives a warm and pleasant atmosphere, and the Chinese design can tell those flamboyant and impetuous guests that this is a traditional family. It should be noted that the specifications and styles of lamps and lanterns should match the living room.

3. The collocation of restaurant chandeliers and space of modern restaurant lighting manufacturers

Match according to the size of the interior space. The size of the chandelier light can easily affect the feeling of the restaurant. If it is too small, it will appear small, and if it is too large, it will distract attention. How many to choose depends on the size of the restaurant. If the restaurant is small, then you don't have to choose too big, so as not to cause depression. On the other hand, if the restaurant space is more than enough, you can try to match it with a larger one, which can be decorated and filled.

Match it according to the style of the room. The choice of pendant ceiling lamps cannot deviate from the style of the restaurant. Different styles of restaurants can be matched with different chandeliers. For example, simple style can choose fresh chandeliers, Chinese style can be biased towards straw-woven literary style, and European style is better with gorgeous and elegant.

Match according to the brightness of the light. In addition to the requirements of the restaurant, the pendant ceiling lamp itself was also taken into consideration. The restaurant has certain requirements for lighting. The brightness of the pendant ceiling lamp is too bright or too dark. In addition to the lighting effect, the dining room chandelier can also optimize the environment and make the indoor environment more beautiful. In real life, everyone can choose suitable lamps and lanterns according to the size of the indoor space and the style of the bedroom, so as to make the indoor environment more comfortable.

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