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How to Choose the Table Lamp That Suits You Best?

I. The use of table lamp

Table lamp is a small electrical appliance commonly used in home life. Although it is a small one, it has a great effect. Some stylish table lamps can also play a very good decorative effect. However, choosing a lamp is not an easy task. So, how to choose the lamp that suits you best?

II. How to choose the lamp that suits you best

1. Look at power and luminous flux. It is best to choose a table lamp with a power of more than 16 watts and a luminous flux greater than 1200lm. Some low-quality products use phosphors instead of luminous media. Although the power is high, the luminous flux cannot meet this standard.

2. Look at the color temperature of the table lamp. The color temperature of the light source mainly has three levels of high, medium and low. The low color temperature is a warm yellow color, the medium color temperature is softer, and the high color temperature is a white cool color.

3. Look at the color rendering of the table lamp. Many people don't understand what color rendering is, and some people just pick up the stylish table lamp. In fact, to put it simply, when buying a lamp, use a color photo and look at it under the light of the table lamp, then compare it with natural light. If the chromatic aberration is very small, it means that the color rendering of the lamp is relatively good; otherwise, it means that the apparent color is relatively poor.

4. Look at the illuminance of the table lamp. You can turn on the table lamp to see how large the area covered by the its light is, and observe whether the light distribution is uniform and whether there is too much difference in brightness, both of which require small differences.

5. Look at the table lamp shade. The color of the lampshade should not be too deep, and there should be small holes or gaps on the top, so that the light scattering area is larger and the heat dissipation degree is better.

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