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Notes for Bedroom Lighting Design

I. The importance of bedroom lighting design

I believe that the most relaxing place for us must be the bedroom. The bedroom is not only a place for us to sleep and rest, but also it is the main leisure area for  many less social people. They are doing activities such as playing games in the bedroom, reading in the bedroom, etc. Therefore, bedroom lighting design occupies a vital position.

II. What you need pay attention to in bedroom lighting design

1. White is preferred for room lighting

When installing and choosing the bedroom light lamp, the light source is generally white, and if the yellow light source is adapted, it will have a warm atmosphere.

2. The shape of the room light lamp should be round

In general, the main shape of the bedroom light lamp is generally round, and the round shape means perfect and success, and it could provide a larger lighting range.

3. There is no need to have too many bedroom light lamps

Regarding the number of bedroom light lamps, the bedroom is mainly for rest, so the number of bedroom lights does not need to be too much, and the number of bedroom lights is generally singular.

4. Bedroom style determines the style of bedroom light lamps

In the choice of styles of bedroom light lamps, it should conform to the overall home design style. If the bedroom is in a classic style, choose a European-style retro chandeliers, so that they will look classic and elegant. The light lamps must be in harmony with the bedroom decoration style.

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