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How to Choose a Suitable Lamp for Your Kids?

I. How to choose a children's table lamp

Firstly, the children's desk lamps must have a stable light source, soft light, high color rendering, and sufficient illuminance to be suitable for children to learn, and to avoid too much harms to children's eyesight. 

When choosing a table lamp for children, it is recommended that the style should be a kids table lamp with a lampshade, which is fixed and dimmable and whose light does not directly illuminate the children's eyes.

II. The influence of table lamps

The choice of table lamps also has a certain influence on the children’s eyesight. Therefore, when choosing table lamps for their children, parents should choose carefully. For the healthy growth of children, a suitable kids’ table lamp should be chosen. And we should try to avoid buying low-quality desk lamps, which affect your children's study and eyesight.

In addition, the placement of the desk lamp also needs our attention. The table lamp should be on the left front of the table to avoid blocking the light with your right hand; if the desk is close to the window, the desk should be placed in front of the window or on the side where you will not stand in your own light when sitting down.  When studying, you must not only turn on the table lamp, but also turn on the light in the room, which can reduce the adverse effect of the difference in brightness on the eyes.

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