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Wall Lamps: Fashion Favorites

Since ancient times, "lamp" has been an indispensable item. With the passage of time, in addition to playing an essential role in daily home life, lamps have become more and more decorative. Among the lighting decorations with different shapes, the "lamp light for wall" is the most prominent one. Many people often ignore the role of lamp lights for wall in the home during decoration. Large and small lamp lights for wall affect the lighting details in home decoration. The reasonable layout of lamp lights for wall not only makes the wall space glow with unique brilliance, but also helps to break the dull and uncoordinated atmosphere in the room.

Wall lamps are used as indoor auxiliary lighting. They are often found in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc. The power of the bulbs is generally between 15 and 40W, and the light is soft, which can create a warm atmosphere. The size of the indoor space determines the size and height of the lamp light for wall. The larger the space, the wider the lighting range. In addition, the height of the lamp light for wall in a large space should be higher. lower.

1. Bedroom lamp light for wall

The space range of the bedroom is moderate, and the installation height of the lamp light for wall should not be too high. In order to maintain a moderate lighting range, the installation height is generally controlled at 1.5-1.8 meters, which is three-quarters or two-thirds of the wall height. At least 1.4 meters from the ground.

2. Entrance aisle lamp light for wall

Entrances and aisles are too dark, which can easily cause a sense of clutter. The main function of the lamp light for wall is to illuminate. Raising the installation height of the lamp light for wall in the aisle can increase the illumination range, so the height is best controlled between 2.2-2.6 meters.

3. Living room lamp light for wall

Installing a lamp light for wall in the living room will not be used too much, it is more of a decorative effect, and the living room has a larger space, you can use a larger lamp light for wall for decoration, which can not only adjust the indoor light, but also embellish the space, The installation height of the lamp light for wall in the living room should be controlled at a position above 1.8 meters.

4. Bathroom lamp light for wall

Bathrooms are generally installed on top of basins, toilets, bathtubs, showers, etc. The material selection of lights should take water resistance into consideration. In contrast, the installation height is much more random, and the design can be decided according to the average height of the adult members of the family. In addition, the space range of the bathroom is relatively small, and the installation height of the lamp light for wall can be controlled at about 1.8 meters.

The installation method of the lamp light for wall is relatively simple. After determining the height and position, it is mainly to fix the lamp holder of the lamp light for wall. The method of pre-embedded parts or drilling is often used to fix the lamp light for wall. Wall lamps are indoor decorative lamps. Generally, lampshades with glass or other materials seem to be easier to highlight the effect. Most of the wall lights are elegant and harmonious, because they can embellish the environment very well, so as not to cause disharmonious color matching due to too abrupt lights. If your home space is large enough, the height of the lamp light for wall should be slightly higher than the eye level. At the same time, the selected style should be full of space sentiment, and the relationship between the lamp light for wall and the wall should be considered. Nowadays, the wall paint is rich in color, so you should be more cautious when choosing a lamp light for wall. The big white wall is relatively simple. In home decoration, what we pursue is not only the basic survival needs, but also a quality and high-quality lifestyle is our ultimate goal.

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