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What Are the Types and Characteristics of Floor Lamps?

Lamps play an irreplaceable role in the space. They are not only responsible for lighting, but also an important factor in creating an atmosphere and enhancing the overall beauty!

1. The floor light is used as local lighting and also has a decorative function

Choosing the right floor light will greatly improve the space completion like the finishing touch. In the past, the floor light was often matched with the main lamp as auxiliary lighting. Nowadays, it is one of the trends not to use the main lamp and not to make a wooden ceiling. The main lamp is replaced by an up-illuminated floor light that casts light on the ceiling, and other lamps such as table lamps and wall lamps can be used as needed to create a space with soft enough light and a warm atmosphere. The choice of floor lights needs to be coordinated with the size of the space and the height of the ceiling, especially for large floor lights. The layout requires that the space is spacious enough and the ceiling height is high enough to prevent the lamps from making the space crowded and oppressive. When the space is properly configured, the floor light can also be placed in the dining area to replace the dining chandelier, beside the desk to replace the table lamp, and placed in the bedroom to replace the bedside lamp, making the space more layered.

2. The classification of floor lights

Floor lights are divided into top-illuminated, bottom-illuminated, upper and lower light sources, and all-round diffusion of light. As the name suggests, the lighting direction is upward, and the light reaches the ceiling and then spreads evenly into the room. Compared with the light directly shining from the ceiling, it will make people feel more relaxed. The downward lighting direction is downward, so it is used to illuminate local areas, and most of them are arranged by sofas, beds, and bedside tables. There are light sources up and down, and the lighting direction can be adjusted, so it can be changed according to actual needs to create different atmospheres, and the light is diffused in all directions. 

In addition to the above-mentioned floor lights, there are floor lights with their own mobile phone wireless charging function. Not only can the brightness and color temperature be adjusted, but it also comes with a storage tray, so you don't have to worry about throwing small objects anywhere. The most important thing is to support wireless charging of devices, up to 10W wireless fast charging, and it also saves space and does not occupy space at all!

If you want to go further when buying floor lights, you might as well go to some avant-garde lighting stores or home furnishing stores and take a look at "styling floor lights". This type of floor light can be said to be not used for lighting. It appears in the home and is more like a "light sculpture" in the environment. Of course, when purchasing this type of floor light, we must consider its consistency with the overall style of the home. For example, a noble and classic standing lamp made of heavy marble is completely different from the streamlined modern furniture of yuppie style.

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