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How to Choose the Pendant Light for the Living Room?

In real life, pendant lights light up the dim night. In addition to lighting, pendant lights also have a decorative role, making the living room more beautiful. So how to choose the living room pendant light?

Ⅰ. How to choose a living room pendant light?

It is best not to choose too cheap pendant lights, so that the general quality is not guaranteed. Generally speaking, luxury pendant lights are very suitable for composite homes, and indirect low-voltage flower lights are very suitable for ordinary homes. When you buy when you need to install energy-saving light source pendant lights, choose those that are made of all metal and consistent inside and outside.

We need to look carefully when buying crystal pendant lights, because most of the crystal lamps above the market are imitation crystals, and the lamps are made of high-tech materials. However, the shoddy crystal lights are made of plastic materials, and their quality is completely substandard. The types of crystal lamps are crystal bar pendant light, crystal mid-range modeling pendant light, natural crystal cutting and grinding modeling pendant light, crystal glass pendant pendant light and so on. A variety of products are beneficial for us to choose.

Ⅱ. Choose the living room pendant light based on the home decoration style

1. For the European style room to choose fancy lamps or crystal lamps. For modern decoration, you can choose ordinary ceiling lights. In addition, also consider the color temperature of the lamps and lanterns, it is recommended to use about 4000K. Because the color temperature of 4000K is close to the sunlight, about 2700K color temperature lamp light yellowish, about 6000K color temperature is too bright. For better conservation, try to choose some simple structure and well-known lamps and lanterns.

2. In order to ensure that the hall is bright enough, for more than 20 square meters of space, should try to choose luxury, novel shape, style pendant light, which can also make the large room does not look so empty. Less than 20 square meters of space is more suitable for the use of overhead lights, if the room height is higher than 2.5 meters is also suitable for the installation of pendant lights.

3. Decorative style. When decorating the living room pendant light, pay attention to the overall matching design. Living room pendant light in the overall decoration to play the role of the finishing touch, can be from the shape and light to show the artistic effect of its lighting. Pay attention to the color selection of lamps and lanterns and overall decoration style consistent, can match each other.

Ⅲ. The cleaning and maintenance of the living room pendant light

No matter which type of pendant light you choose, maintenance and cleaning are also considerations. Usually, most beautiful pendant lights have complex structures that are difficult to clean. If not cleaned regularly, the lights are susceptible to moisture and dust accumulation, which can lead to decay and paint loss. Moreover, too much ash will affect the brightness.

Ⅳ. The energy consumption of the living room pendant light

Living room pendant lights are used very frequently, so when choosing a light bulb, choose energy-saving lamps as much as possible. Energy-saving lamp models are available in white and yellow light, you can choose the appropriate color according to personal preferences.

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