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Modern Lamps

Modern Lamp is typically referred to as minimalistic modern lighting system, which was born in the early 20th century and hit its peak popularity between the 1950s and The 1960s. We have many iconic modern lamps, such as replica PH 5 Pendant Lamp, Snowball Pendant Lamp, Artichoke Lamp, AJ Wall Sconce, AJ Table lamp, AJ Floor lamp, Grasshopper Lamps, Gino Sarfatti 2097 Chandeliers, Lampe Gras Model 304 Sconce Lamp, Serge Mouille’s Collection lamps, etc. 

As a professional lamp and light company, our modern light design perfectly combine the traditional and contemporary styles, that are characterized by playful colors, authentic curves, and geometric shapes. Modern lamps are the best way to tie your décor together to fit your taste and personality. Espada has modern lighting lamps for sale at suitable price! Contact us soon!

Types of Modern Lamps

More Questions About Modern Lights

What is the difference between modern and contemporary lighting?

Modern design is differentiated by solid colors, sharp angles, and intentional symmetry, while contemporary design is distinguished by the use of shapes and patterns, unique forms, and curved lines.

How do I match my kitchen by using modern lights?

Look for modern lights of similar styles when coordinating kitchen and dining lighting. You want both of these fixtures to be different enough, yet compliment each other so that you have a wonderful look in your kitchen and dining space.

What's the characteristics of modern lamps?

Simplicity, otherness, and pursuing fashion are the biggest characteristics of modern lamps. Its material is generally made of aluminum with metallic texture and glass with alternative flavor, which is mainly made of alternative expression techniques in appearance and shape, and mostly white and metallic in color tone, which is more suitable for matching with simple and modern decoration style.

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