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Industrial Lighting

If you own or manage a warehouse, factory, or manufacturing plant, then there is no doubt that you want safe and reliable industrial lighting that can help your employees work more efficiently. If you seek lighting for home, hotel, or shop designs, then the modern industrial lighting should be better, which provides flexibility and maintains cohesion throughout the space. 

When you are thinking about where to find such effective industrial lights, you can browse the collection at Espada Light. We offer different types of table lamps, ceiling lights and floor as well as wall sconces in a range of contemporary and industrial styles. And our products can be used in different situations. We have industrial lighting for bedroom, for dinning table, for farmhouse lighting ,for hallway, for living room and for kitchen.

Types of Industrial Lighting

More Questions About Industrial Lighting

What is industrial ighting?

Industrial lighting is a design trend, celebrating the simple and sturdy aesthetics of old factories and industrial spaces. The industrial style evolved into a look that is both eye-catching and simple appearance by incorporating these unfinished elements into a more intentional design. In recent years, the industrial style has been deeply loved by young people.

What makes a style industrial?

Industrial style or industrial chic refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces. Thus ESPADA Light developed its product line in industrial style. This style incorporates raw materials to give the space an unfinished feel. In recent years, the industrial style has been especially welcomed by young people.

What are Industrial light fixtures?

These industrial lighting fixtures are specially designed to meet the lighting needs and requirements of the business district, taking into account the environment and brightness requirements of the workspace. They are usually heavy, well constructed, and designed to meet the requirements of their environment.

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